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Should your small business get virtual CIO services?

Published on June 22, 2021

Having a CIO on your payroll can be costly especially when you’re on a tight budget. But did you know that you can leverage the skills and expertise of a CIO without the cost of hiring one? 

The C-level expertise you get from a C-level executive can be matched (or even surpassed!) when you get virtual CIO services. But before we dive right into it, let’s talk about the day-to-day responsibilities of a CIO. 

What is a CIO? 

A chief information officer (CIO) is a member of the C-suite that takes care of your tech strategy, management, implementation, and utilization.  

As digital transformation continues to evolve every aspect of the business, CIOs create strategic business decisions that leverage technology. 

They influence the board’s decision to either change or acquire new digital solutions that will improve the way the company runs its business. 

Forbes Insights, Intel and VMWare released two studies involving 400 CIOs worldwide titled The Ascent of the CIO and The Challenges for Tomorrow’s CIO revealed that the skill set of today’s CIOs gradually shifted—with the increasing need to contribute to “corporate strategy.” 

The combined results of the two studies showed that 40% of CIOs said that their role is important to creating “customer-facing solutions, creating global capabilities, developing new revenue-earning opportunities and fostering innovation within their companies.” 

Some five years ago, CIOs believed that having a technical background is a plus factor to fulfilling their job. Now, technical know-how has become very crucial in influencing corporate strategy. 

Is a CIO different from an IT director? 

While both the CIO and the IT director oversee the daily technology needs of the company, they have their own unique duties. 

Generally speaking, the CIO is the direct supervisor of all IT managers. They ensure that all leaders under him are performing their duties, and all policies are being followed. They are usually the last person to make strategic tech decisions before reporting back to the CEO. 

On the other hand, an IT director is in charge of all the IT personnel who handles the nitty-gritty technical tasks. They are the ones who coordinate with outside vendors and ensures that all tools being used in the company are functional and secure.  

On top of that, IT directors handle staff management. 

Since IT directors are very hands-on in the daily tech responsibilities, they provide specific recommendations to the CIO to help him make sound decisions. 

Why do small businesses need CIO expertise? 

Owners would typically assign an IT person to handle multiple tasks at a time, including a CIO role. However, CIOs need to have a business acumen to make the best decisions—this skill is often hard to find in internal IT personnel. 

This is where virtual CIO (vCIO) services come in. CIO strategies and services can now be done virtually to provide SMEs the right technical expertise to increase their ROI without the need to hire them. 

What is a virtual CIO service? 

Virtual CIO services allow you and your tech team to focus on delivering your customer’s needs while someone outside the organization assumes the role of a CIO. 

Whether you hire a project-based or full-time CIO expert, getting virtual CIO services gives you access to experienced and highly trained professionals who will help you create a roadmap for your future success. 

Virtual CIOs understand your business processes inside and out because they have worked with many small businesses that need technology leadership just as you do. 

Why should you get virtual CIO services? 

As a small business owner, you know the value of every dime you spend. This is why lowering costs whenever possible is vital to the growth of your organization.  

Compared with hiring a full-time executive-level employee to do that job, getting an experienced virtual CIO provider proves to be a much more cost-effective strategy. 

Hiring an internal CIO could cost you thousands of dollars for training, benefits, and retention packages, which is money you could spend for campaigns that generate sales. 

When you get virtual CIO services, you get top-level expertise because these managed service providers (MSPs) keep up with the latest trends, compliance requirements, and growth strategies. 

Also, you can choose to discontinue your virtual CIO services if you’re not satisfied with your provider. That saves you money and other important resources instead of sticking with an ineffective full-time CIO. 

Should you get virtual CIO services now? 

Technology is continuously evolving. This means that everything that worked for your business yesterday may no longer be valuable soon. 

If you’re going to leverage virtual CIO services now, you not only make the most out of your budget. You also get the much-needed expertise you need to accelerate growth. 

At CyberHAWKS, that is EXACTLY what you get: you can now leverage CIO expertise without breaking the bank. You also gain access to our experts who are obsessed with finding the best IT solutions that match your goals. 

Talk to a CyberHAWKS expert now to get the right technical expertise for your business. 

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