What are the 3 Important Benefits of Virtualization?

Published on June 4, 2021

Virtualization is not exactly new. It has been available since the early 2000s, but many small businesses still have a vague idea about what it means, and it is preventing them from taking advantage of the technology’s benefits.

In simple terms, virtualization is doing more with less. It is the ability to make one server do the job of many by using software to create clones, or virtual machines, out of its functionality.

In simple terms, virtualization is doing more with less. It is the ability to make one server do the job of many by using software to create clones, or virtual machines, out of its functionality.  

Server virtualization is like the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Only this time, we are talking about something abstract, such as more efficient use of RAM and computer processing to create and run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer server.  

You can imagine the benefits that network function virtualization can offer small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets. This article will talk about just three of them to hopefully inspire more startups to use virtualization technology to compete better and achieve their growth goals faster.

Important benefits of virtualization

1. Virtualization Reduces Cost by Saving Resources 

By spinning out many virtual machines out of one physical server, you maximize your output while saving money the following ways: 

  • You drastically cut your capital expenses; that is what you spend buying company equipment vital to your operation. Virtualization lets you save on that expense because you buy less physical hardware and servers. You also do not need to replace old ones because you can optimize them.  
  • You spend less on buying and maintaining operating systems, networks, and network resources. One server can host many virtual machines, each one with its operating system and computer applications. Programs and files will load faster, resulting in more productive work. Virtual machines as data centers do not overheat as physical servers do, so there is less risk of outage due to power overloads.  
  • You take a substantial chunk off your electricity bill. When you are used to paying for the power consumption of multiple physical servers, you will find that you will only pay a fraction of what you used to spend with just one server host. Low power consumption also means less carbon footprint for your business, which helps heal the environment. 

2. Minimize If Not Totally Eliminate Disruptions  

If there is one thing organizations fear the most, it is downtime or disruption of business operation due to equipment failure. To give you an idea about the damage that it causes, Fortune 1000 companies suffer $1 million of revenue loss per hour of downtime.  

Other companies may not have to shell out as much, but the typical small or mid-sized company can spend up to $1 million every year on incidents that lead to disruption. The material costs may be daunting enough, but so do the adverse effects on employee productivity and morale.  

Fortunately, virtualization minimizes, if not eliminates downtime. Unlike a physical server, you do not need to shut down a virtual machine for maintenance, software upgrade, or data migration.  

All you need to do is move to a new host to continue working. Doing backups, which usually takes time, is also done much faster and installed much more quickly on another virtual host when the first breaks down.  

If disaster strikes, you can quickly get your network back online with a simple recovery program.  

3. Enhanced agility 

Agility is an organization’s ability to adapt quickly to market situations and consumer demands in a cost-effective manner. Virtualization gives the company flexibility because it optimizes your IT (Information Technology) infrastructure to create virtual machines from one server host.  

Each virtual machine functions with a separate operating system and runs multiple apps, doing more and faster without sacrificing quality. And because you do not have to worry about fixing physical hardware, you are less stressed and have more time to accomplish other tasks that help grow your business.  

Virtualization also allows you to scale or adapt quickly to your business’s growing computing requirements. By doing so, you can respond to market demands quicker and at a reduced cost because you only pay for the storage space that you use 

Virtualization Can Be a Game-Changer 

Virtualization can enhance your competitive edge if you treat each virtual machine not just as a clone of a physical server but as a functional appliance plugged into one source and designed to do specific tasks. A few examples are storage virtualization, performing accounting tasks, managing email traffic, playing video files, etc.  

Just be aware that a virtual environment has many interdependent components, and having multiple virtual machines accessing a single data source can lead to bottlenecks that will affect overall performance.  

Still, the advantages outweigh the possible downside, which is true with any technology. For one, you are relieved of the task of maintaining physical servers. You will have many opportunities to customize virtual machines to cater to each of your computing requirements simultaneously. And you can always start small because you know you can scale quickly and at less cost.  

When you are ready to level up, give your business a boost with the benefits of virtualization mentioned above.  

Talk to CyberHAWKS, and we will help you move your server workloads around while enjoying the optimum performance with each one. Our virtualization services help save computing space and money while you maximize your output and profits. 

For more information, please email us at [email protected], or call 800-314-5835. 

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