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11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Small Business with IT Services

Published on June 4, 2021

These days, it would be impossible to run a business, regardless of size, without IT services.

Powered by technology and the Internet, IT helps you do things cheaper, faster, and safer. It enables you to carry out transactions by telephone, email, and a website. In the process, they engage your customers and keep them loyal to your brand.

This article will explain the different ways that small business IT support can transform your business without blowing your budget.

How to Revamp Your Business with IT Services

1. Adopt digital technologies.

Integrating computer hardware and software applications into your operation simplifies processes, improves efficiency, and changes how you deliver value to customers. Digital technology allows you to adapt to the modern consumer who ranks experience on the same level as the actual product or service.

Brands that use digital tools perform three times better than those that do not. No wonder, 3 out of 4 companies now believe that digital technology is indispensable to a successful business operation. That has led spending on digital transformation to grow by 10.4% to $1.3 trillion in 2020.

2. Use cloud computing. 

Cloud computing services make it much easier to streamline business functions and protect data at a cost that every small business can afford. Hosting confidential information in the cloud secures them from cyber-attacks and cuts costs because you do not need to maintain servers at your office premises.

Managed IT services providers set up cloud-hosted applications and seamlessly integrate them to boost efficiency and minimize workplace errors.

CyberHAWKS’s cloud computing solutions, for example, are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, which is ideal if you’re working on a strict budget. CyberHAWKS will see to it that your cloud systems are secure 24/7, allowing you to focus on looking after your bottom line.

3. Hire an IT services provider with experience working with small businesses.

Outsourcing makes sense for small businesses that do not have the budget for their own IT department but need IT services to adapt to market trends and be competitive.

While choosing a technology partner, you must look for one that has experience working with small businesses. That way, they are aware of your unique challenges and will prioritize solutions that make a real difference to your operation.

The right partner helps you educate your staff on matters of security. They will demonstrate how specific technologies can meet your goals and help plan your future IT projects.

On top of that, you get access to CIO and CTO expertise without the cost of hiring one. CyberHAWKSs’ CIO/CTO services give you expert-level strategic consulting so you can achieve transformational results.

4. Enable seamless collaboration between departments and systems.

IT services facilitate unhampered interaction between different departments, thus allowing the instantaneous flow of ideas and quick decision making. Managed IT support services use tools that enable critical business systems to communicate with each other. The resulting interoperability allows agility, better data management, and risk reduction.

5. Use data collection and analytical tools to make accurate business decisions. 

Data are the fuel for making correct business decisions. Some technologies allow you to analyze and extract insights from datasets for accurate decision-making. For example, machine learning can process and analyze vast amounts of data to understand what customers want and help you create the right products and experiences for them.

As datasets continue to increase and analyzing them becomes more complex, small businesses can use managed IT services to access data collection and processing tools at an affordable cost.

6. Build a security-conscious company culture. 

When you outsource IT and cybersecurity services, it fosters a vigilant culture as the experts introduce your organization to innovative technologies and the threats they prevent.

Technology can be intimidating, especially for small business employees who may not be tech-savvy and resist security tools despite being unaware of cyber threats. Small business IT support helps educate and train staff by showing how a device or online tool works and how you can use it safely.

7. Implement new technology or digital initiatives. 

To be competitive in business, you need to keep up-to-date with the latest IT and use it to improve the way you operate. Whether it is cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, or data analytics, you need to be proactive in learning about them to boost your security and improve efficiency.

The key is to prioritize technologies that will supply the most benefit to your front-line departments and enhance customer engagement. Skim over those that are incompatible with your company vision or are too complex to implement. Look for simple IT tools that can speed up workflow, end repetition, and streamline processes to cut costs.

8. Automate software updates. 

We are all guilty of putting off critical updates for another day (or even a week) either out of laziness or plain ignorance.

Many still have the wrong impression that software updates are optional, and nothing will happen to you if you do not install them at once. Unfortunately, the opposite is true; you literally leave yourself open to attacks if you do not address the gaps or vulnerabilities that can be patched by the updates.

Small business IT support keeps you up-to-date because it gets alerts from software makers whenever updates are available. It will automatically install the updates for you, so you do not need to worry about when they are coming or whether you will be around to complete the task.

9. Optimize your website for mobile engagement

There are now 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. People use mobile in more than half of all web searches. Logic dictates that businesses should optimize their websites to provide the best user experience for searchers or plain surfers, right? The sad news is, 91% of small companies do not. And you cannot blame them for doing so.

Optimizing websites to make page speed and design responsive for mobile users is a difficult task that only a specialist can do. The good news is that your IT services provider will help you do the job to increase your leads and conversions dramatically.

10. Enforce security policies on your staff’s personal devices.

A small business will understandably benefit from allowing employees to use their laptops or mobile phones to work. However, the practice, better known as bring-your-own-device (BYOD), can result in a data breach that can ruin your business financially and reputationally.

Using personal devices to surf the web exposes them to malware that can find its way into the company’s system when the infected device is used at work.

If your small business cannot avoid BYOD for economic and practical reasons, managed IT support services can implement security safeguards to make BYOD devices secure while accessing company data and applications. Remote monitoring also allows IT services providers to erase sensitive data in case the device is lost or stolen.

11. Use data encryption tools and intrusion detection systems.

Cybercriminals are constantly watching you and throwing deadly attacks that may be too subtle to recognize. They will pretend to be someone you trust and lure you into divulging confidential data through a phishing email. They will listen to your conversations or wait in ambush as you make online financial transactions.

Your small business may lack the tools and expertise to keep cybercriminals at bay, but your security posture will get a 360-degree boost when you outsource IT and cybersecurity.

For one, Cyberhawks provides round-the-clock monitoring of your entire network. As such, we can assure you of robust cybersecurity solutions, such as anti-malware applications, protection from spam and phishing, and intrusion detection alerts 24/7.

Transformation Begins with the Right IT Services Provider 

Revamping your small business is necessary if you want to grow and continue delivering value to your customers. It is a challenging process that requires determination, a clear strategy, and the cooperation of everyone in your team to succeed.

Most importantly, it would be best to have the support and expertise of a competent IT services provider to help you implement your vision.

Talk to a Cyberhawks expert on how you can use the power of technology to transform your small business on a small budget.

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