7 Horrible Cybersecurity Mistakes You Probably Didn’t Know You’re Making

Published on June 8, 2021

Cybersecurity mistakes will not only affect your operations; they will also put your customers at stake.

To err is human. That’s the excuse we often give each time we make a mistake. We would follow it up with a promise not to do it again. But what if you do not have that second chance? What if the mistake costs you everything?

It may sound scary, but that’s what awaits you if you are careless enough to take cybersecurity for granted. That’s especially true with small businesses that are on the receiving end of most cyberattacks. And 60% of them never recover.

Cybersecurity mistakes you need to address now

This article will identify 7 of the most horrible cybersecurity mistakes you need to watch out for before they take a toll on your business. Knowing what they are and how to avoid them is essential to your company’s survival.  

Cybersecurity mistake #1: Not responding fast enough

In the event of an attack, you can minimize the damage if you respond quickly. It’s like a fire situation where prompt action will keep the flames from spreading.

It is unrealistic to believe that you will never suffer a breach because no organization has had that luck. However, if you can detect an intrusion as soon as possible and mobilize everything you’ve got to counter it, you can prevent the worst from happening.

Cybersecurity mistake #2: Putting off software updates

One of the most horrible cybersecurity mistakes you’ll ever make is not updating your software.

Have you ever wondered why software companies regularly give notifications about the latest security updates on their products? That’s because they know that cybercriminals are always trying to find gaps in the software, and you need updates to patch them up.

If you don’t install critical security updates within a week of their release, you’re making yourself open to attack. The earlier you can do it, the better for your peace of mind.

Cybersecurity mistake #3: Thinking you don’t need help from a cybersecurity expert

You may have the money to buy the latest and most expensive security devices available but owning them and making them work are two different matters.

Setting up a comprehensive and professional cybersecurity plan is best handled by an experienced cybersecurity service provider. They have specialized skills and training to look after your security needs so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Cybersecurity mistake #4: Believing that a single layer of protection is enough

Many business owners assume that if they set up anti-virus software or firewall, they’re protected. They underestimate cybercriminals who are aware of such basic safeguards and never stop finding ways to get around them.

Cybersecurity has become a numbers game. One or even two defensive layers may sound sufficient, but they’re not. A multi-layered approach has become necessary to cover every possible vulnerability and keep the most aggressive hackers at bay.

Cybersecurity mistake #5: Overreacting bordering on paranoia

There would be times when a security tool would flag a file as malware when it’s not. While it’s essential to check it out, you should make sure that the reading is accurate. Otherwise, halting operation unnecessarily can lead to downtime and, worse, corruption of data.

It’s normal to encounter false positives while conducting cybersecurity protection services. But to unduly boost security solutions often results in more false positives that can cause unwarranted business interruption.

Cybersecurity mistake #6: Failing to instill cybersecurity awareness among your staff

Threats come not just from outside entities but from within your organization. You may have the best cybersecurity solutions, but if you do not train your staff to be smart enough to recognize and prevent an attack, all your best technology efforts will fail.

At the very least, you must provide basic data protection training with an emphasis on phishing, which is the most prevalent means employed to steal sensitive data.

Cybersecurity mistake #7: Not checking where the data will be stored before choosing a cloud provider

As more and more companies shift to cybersecurity and cloud computing for data storage, it is crucial to find a host that tells you where it will store them. It will allow you to make an informed choice given that different locations are subject to different laws, and some may not be favorable to your type of industry.

For example, some sites may grant third-party access to your data, causing problems if your clients require utmost confidentiality.

Avoid cybersecurity mistakes with the help of an expert

It’s perfectly understandable for small business owners to commit mistakes related to cybersecurity matters. It takes special skills to recognize threats, and lots of experience to develop a proactive attitude towards observing the best cybersecurity practices.

It will take years to learn them on your own, but you can hire a competent cybersecurity provider to show you the ropes.

Talk to a CyberHAWKS expert for advice on the package of cybersecurity protection services that’s right for your business.

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