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4 Budget-friendly File Storage Tips to Secure Your Data

Published on July 27, 2021

When we talk about data storage, it’s hard not to factor in the costs. After all, we are hardwired to store and manage our files locally on our computers or on external hard drives. But did you know that just storing your files locally may come at a hefty price? 

In this article, we’re sharing the best things you can do right now to manage and store your files without spending too much money. Not only that, these tips will help keep your data secure against cybercriminals who are sure to come at you like a thief in the night. 

1. Backup your files in the cloud 

Many small business owners use external drives to store their files, but accidentally dropping them or losing them in transit can result in data loss. Not to mention, external drives are also prone to viruses and malware. In either case, you might not be able to recover the files you’ve spent years creating.   

When you backup and store your files in the cloud, you not only access your files when and where you need them. You also eliminate costly operational expenses by paying only for the storage you need at any given time. 

2. Make sure you enable two-factor authentication 

Adding a second layer of protection to physical storage devices like an external drive is almost impossible to do. The most you can do is to keep it close to you wherever you go.  

But when you’re using cloud solutions, you can add a verification step to the log-in process, making it difficult for hackers or any unauthorized person to access your files using passwords alone. 

Why do you need a two-factor authentication, you ask? Depending on the complexity of your password, hackers may be able to brute force your password quickly, which means that they are only one step away from taking everything that’s important to you. As a side note, do not reuse passwords in multiple services. When bad actors hack one of your accounts, they can instantly access all your accounts elsewhere using the same password. 

Two-factor authentication is usually either a one-time SMS code or a biometric scan like a fingerprint or facial recognition or you can use an authentication app such as Microsoft or Google Authenticator.  

Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible to protect unauthorized access to your accounts.  This important step will help you block any malicious attempts that may affect your customers. 

3. Safely store physical documents  

Even the most digitally enabled business stores physical documents in their drawers. These documents come in many forms—tax return statements, contracts, employee health forms, or financial records—and they carry sensitive information that you can’t throw them away.  

With that, you need to store your important paper files in an organized and secure way to prevent it from falling into the hands of unauthorized people. 

Consider storing documents that contain sensitive information in a safe deposit box. Most banks and credit unions offer this service. If that is a little bit out of your budget, you can get your business its own safe and make sure that only authorized personnel can access it.

4. Share files using online tools you already trust 

When you’re running a small remote team, you need the best tools to share files as securely as possible. Using collaboration tools like Microsoft 365 will not only make you more efficient as a team. They will also safeguard your files so you can access them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

A budget-friendly solution to all your needs 

At CyberHAWKS, we offer small businesses an all-in-one business toolkit that gives you absolutely everything you need—from cybersecurity to productivity tools—starting at only $99! 

Our CyberPROTECT Programs equip you with all the solutions you need to run a secure and efficient business.  

We offer three options—Essentials, Premium and Business—that all give you 24/7/365 live helpdesk support, productivity tools, breach detection, threat isolation, ransomware warranty of up to $1,000,000, and password manager.

Our highest tier is CyberPROTECT Business, which offers you AI-driven anti-phishing solutions, Microsoft business voice, full disk encryption, and more.

For more information, call us at 800-314-5835 or sign up now. You can also schedule a free demo to see which CyberPROTECT Program is right for you.

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