14 Cybersecurity Myths That Can Endanger Your Small Business

Published on June 9, 2021

Most executives have a general idea about what cybersecurity is and what to avoid, but there are others who have a false sense of security. It’s time we step in and debunk common cybersecurity myths.

Small business owners soon realize that cybersecurity is crucial because they won’t move forward if they can’t survive cyberattacks.

This article will clarify the misconceptions about cybersecurity to help small business owners make the correct decisions to protect themselves.

Cybersecurity myths you need to debunk now

#1. Hackers only go after big companies.

Of all the common cybersecurity myths, this is the most common. On the contrary, more than half of all cyberattack victims were small businesses, and 60% of them never recover. They’re a natural target because hackers know they usually don’t have the resources to set a credible cybersecurity defense.

#2 Passwords are all you need to prevent unauthorized access. 

Relying on passwords alone is no longer a guarantee as many users rely on the same easy-to-crack passwords for multiple sites. These days, you should strengthen your passwords with multi-factor authentication solutions. For example, you can ask for an additional 5-digit code or fingerprint to complete the login process.

#3 Threats come from outside sources. 

60% of data breaches happen due to human error from someone within the organization. It is not enough to patch up gaps in the system from which cybercriminals can sneak in. If your employees are not conscious about cybersecurity or lack the training to recognize an intrusion attempt, you’re at risk.

#4 Cybersecurity is dependent on technology.

Cybersecurity is as much dependent on people’s attitude as it is on the latest security devices. Maintaining strong passwords, limiting access to sensitive data, and having a security-conscious company culture could make the difference in keeping your business secure.

#5 It’s safe to use your personal device at work.

If you use your device to surf the Web, you can easily expose it to malware infection. Using it for work purposes could lead to a breach of company data that can ruin the business and compromise customers’ privacy. Businesses equip their office devices with security safeguards against attacks. You should never use your personal device at work if it has no such protocols.

#6 Cybercriminals only target high-profile industries

Any business that uses email, a website (however simple), or computerized customer data is a target. Cybercriminals don’t play favorites and pick anything open to attack regardless of industry affiliation.

#7. If you have any traditional anti-virus software and firewall, you’re safe.

Cybercriminals have become so clever that you can’t keep them away with free anti-virus software and firewalls. For one, firewalls can’t protect you if the applications you use are full of vulnerabilities. A multi-layered cybersecurity approach is necessary. You can get that from an experienced and highly skilled business cybersecurity provider like CyberHAWKS.

#8 Malware is the biggest enemy.

Ransomware may be dangerous, but it’s no match compared to email attacks, 86% of which have no malware component. Phishing and business email compromise (BEC) are the most significant cyber threats and victimized 88% of business organizations in 2019.

#9 Managed cybersecurity support is expensive. 

An IT provider can customize cybersecurity support for small businesses to fit priorities and budget limitations.

With CyberHAWKS, you can work out round-the-clock monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure at surprisingly affordable rates. The rewards that they give in terms of data protection and improved efficiencies are worth it.

#10 Cybercriminals are only after the money.

Cybercriminals are not just interested in intercepting financial transactions online. They are also after email addresses, passwords, and login credentials, which they use for all sorts of malicious purposes.

If you collect personal information from your customers while doing business with them, you are a target.

#11 We don’t need outside cybersecurity support and can do it on our own.

Startup companies may think that investing in sophisticated and expensive security tools would solve all their problems. But without the expertise and experience to make them work as they should, those tools are useless.

You need to configure them properly and conduct close monitoring and regular maintenance. Those functions are best handled by a seasoned managed cybersecurity provider.

#12 Being compliant with security regulations is enough. 

Compliance with data regulations is required to meet legal obligations and assure customers. However, its scope may not be enough to cover the critical aspects of your business’s security requirements. Managed cybersecurity support can fill in what’s lacking for a holistic solution.

#13 You’ll know right away when hackers attack.

Research has shown that an attacker can spend months inside a computer network before being detected. A small business with insufficient protection may take more than three months before realizing that cybercriminals have infiltrated its system. You need to throw this cybersecurity myth outside the window now.

#14 There’s no need to change your cybersecurity practices once they are in place.

Threats are constantly evolving as cybercriminals get more and more creative. The danger calls for continuous risk assessment and the adoption of new cybersecurity best practices.

Your current cybersecurity posture is a work in progress that must adjust as cybercriminals change their tactics. The faster you can do so, the better for your peace of mind. 

Let’s debunk these cybersecurity myths together

Small business owners need to take cybersecurity seriously because their survival could depend on it. The first step is to correct the misconceptions and know more about cybersecurity at a deeper level.

Talk to a CyberHAWKS expert to thresh out the issues. We’ll provide professional cybersecurity support to put your business on a safe path forward.

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