Strengthen your cyber defense from end-to-end

Defend your business with tailor-made cybersecurity solutions

Defend your business with custom-built cybersecurity services

Cyber criminals are more clever with their attacks.
How prepared are you when they target your business?

At CyberHAWKS, we guard you against the most sophisticated attacks with cybersecurity solutions that are designed according to your needs.

No more worrying about intrusions and unwarranted exploitation. We make sure that you and your customers get the highest level of security at lower costs.

Guard against your attackers before they take away what matters.

Our strategic approach to threat hunting means proactively identifying unknown or ongoing malicious activities within your organization.
We assess your entire IT infrastructure, ensuring that every point of entry is secure enough to handle any form of cyber-attack.

Here's what we can do for you

Risk Assessment and Penetration Testing

We identify your system’s weaknesses and locate unknown vulnerabilities

Secure Managed Wireless Networks and Services

We offer Managed WiFi services with advanced user-access settings

Industry-level e-Mail Encryption Software

We use strong encryption methods to safeguard your business information

Network Monitoring and Patching Systems

We help you prevent threats using data encryption tools and system patching

Malware Removal and Protection Programs

We go beyond antivirus to destroy malware as they enter your system

Dynamic Breach Detection Systems

We get to the root of your attacks before the damage is done

Your organization's cybersecurity roadmap begins and ends with IT management.

Your cybersecurity strategy won’t work without a holistic IT management approach.

At CyberHAWKS, we combine best-in-class technologies with the industry’s best practices to secure your organization. We take it a notch further with the skills of our subject matter experts.


CyberHAWKS is a proud partner of
some of the world’s largest names
in the tech industry. The combined
partner infrastructure and our IT
and cybersecurity expertise
allow you to work at your
best no matter what
your goals are.