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CyberHAWKS introduces new CYBERPROTECT program for startups

Published on June 3, 2021

CyberHAWKS recently launched an IT solutions program that combines the powerful benefits of productivity and collaboration tools with cybersecurity, backup, and secure virtual calling.

The CYBERPROTECT Program is designed to address the technology needs of entrepreneurs and startups who normally cannot afford best-in-class solutions.

Starting at only $99/user per month, subscribers of the CYBERPROTECT Program get to enjoy Microsoft 365 productivity and cloud solutions, endpoint protection, breach detection services, network monitoring and patching systems, and an exclusive support channel. This means is that subscribers get their own IT team and services at a very affordable price!

According to Thomas Dhumad, Founder and CEO of CyberHAWKS, there has never been a more perfect time to launch the Program than now when people want to start their entrepreneurial journey.

“Every entrepreneur needs to get the attention and support they deserve. It’s not just reserved for more established or larger companies. We created our CYBERPROTECT Program to provide more than just tools to startups and entrepreneurs. We provide real solutions that are geared towards growth and success.” Dhumad said.

IT solutions for the ‘new normal’

Organizations around the world are now setting a standard for the ‘new normal’ workforce.

McKinsey article stated that many companies plan to combine remote and on-site working—a hybrid virtual business model—to increase the productivity of individuals and small teams, lower overhead costs, and flexibility.

Equipping businesses with the powerful benefits of the CYBERPROTECT Program will allow any small organization to thrive in the ever-evolving market landscape and improve workforce collaboration—with the promise of cybersecurity and powerful IT solutions.

Dhumad said, “We see the need to provide startups and entrepreneurs with best-in-class solutions that will help them stay in the game and future-proof their business. Our country needs these small businesses that emerged during the most crucial times. It’s only right that we ensure their growth by giving them the best IT solutions possible.”


The CYBERPROTECT Program offers three amazing options —Essential, Premium and Complete. The highest tier is CYBERPROTECT Complete, which offers customers 24/7/365 live helpdesk support for their technical issues, Microsoft backup solutions, and VoIP phone services.

The products and services being offered in the CYBERPROTECT Program are some of the most sought-after IT solutions provided by CyberHAWKS.

Founded in 2013, Cyberhawks is a veteran-owned company that provides cybersecurity services, IT support, cloud and disaster recovery solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses in the U.S.

The company is the brainchild of Thomas Dhumad, who has more than 30 years of experience in strategizing and implementing technology solutions to hundreds of growing organizations.

Dhumad is certified both by Microsoft and Cisco technologies and known for his rich experience and strong leadership in the IT industry.

“When it comes to delivering customer demands, we go beyond technologies. We focus on strategy,” Dhumad said. “To mitigate today’s risks—may it be natural catastrophes, cybercrime or even the complexities of the new modern workforce—it is crucial to carefully assess the needs of each business and create solutions that are uniquely suited for them.”

He concluded, “Our CYBERPROTECT Program is the first step to protecting every business’ assets from end-to-end. And for us, no business is too small to work the way established organizations do.”

For more information about the CYBERPROTECT Program, visit the website at  https://www.cyberhawks.net/cyberprotect/.


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