Why We Love Cyber Protection Services (And You Should, Too!)

Published on June 8, 2021

If you value your business, you will love cyber protection services too. It is a matter of life preservation because a cyber-attack happens every 39 seconds.

Without cybersecurity, you can lose money, credibility, and reputation with just one successful cyber breach. So much is at stake, and you must surround yourself with cyber protection services to be safe.

This blog post will point out why we love cybersecurity protection and how it keeps our business secure and our morale high.

Why cyber protection services matter

A successful data breach can cause your business to stop operation while you try and contain the damage. Downtime is every business owner’s nightmare because, without production, there is no revenue. The cost involved would vary according to the length of the work stoppage.

The average cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.86 million, a 10% increase over the last five years. An established company may survive an attack financially, but a startup may not be as lucky. Cybersecurity protection is the only line of defense against attacks that can interrupt business operations or even lead to company closure.

1. They help you keep the trust of customers 

Customer trust depends on how credible you are concerning the quality and reliability of the product or service you promise to deliver. More importantly, customers expect you to handle whatever sensitive personal information they may entrust while doing business with you.

Any misstep on your end that compromises that information’s privacy can lead to a total loss of confidence, severance of business relationships, and, in a worst-case scenario, costly legal action.

The bad publicity that compromised data will generate could also mark you for life as an incompetent business partner in your industry. A ruined reputation makes you look bad in the eyes of your peers and especially among your target customers,

Cyber protection services help you keep customer trust by ensuring data privacy relating to business and personal matters.

2. They make you solution-oriented rather than problem-focused 

Cybersecurity protection is about being proactive in detecting and preventing threats and not about reacting to them. The problem posed by a cyber-attack is always present, but rather than merely recognizing it, knowing your options on how to defend against them is the best response.

The solutions provided by cyber protection services end the problems that let you stay up late at night worrying whether you will survive them or not. 

3. They guide you on the safe use of online systems and software  

When you outsource cyber protection services, it will help you understand how the system works and the processes that are put in place to protect your business. Many people break the law because they are not aware that they exist; the same applies to cyber protection.

90% of data breaches are caused by human error because the victims were unaware of the risks. If they knew, they would be more careful and initiate steps such as keeping strong passwords, promptly installing software updates, and being more responsible with social media practices while at work.

4. They create a vigilant culture in your organization 

Cybersecurity protection should be a common concern across all departments of your organization. Every unit has a stake in keeping the company safe, and a concerted effort to keep a vigilant attitude towards cybersecurity is crucial to growth and survival.

Educating staff on cybersecurity best practices reduces their vulnerability to human error in handling sensitive data. It also helps everyone recognize deceptive phishing emails, especially business email compromise (BEC) attacks that have caused many top executives to lose face.

A company culture that gives a high priority to cybersecurity has a better chance of frustrating threats from cyber-attacks regardless of the size of the enterprise.

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5. They let you leverage a team of cybersecurity experts 24/7

Cyber protection services put at your disposal a SWAT team of highly skilled cybersecurity experts dedicated to managing and defending your network infrastructure. They keep themselves up to date with the latest solutions, so you are sure of benefiting from the best protection as soon as they become available.

Outsourcing cyber protection services cut costs because you do not have to spend on training, which happens when you decide to have your own IT department. You also avoid losing investment each time the person you have spent money on to train leaves you to join other companies.

Given the scarcity of IT professionals (the backlog is in the millions!), outsourcing cyber protection services allows you to choose from the most qualified providers that will have your back 24/7.

6. They cushion the impact of attack and make recovery faster 

Let us face it, even the best and heavily defended companies will suffer a successful breach during their lives. However, those that have invested in cybersecurity protection can quickly detect an intrusion and respond accordingly to minimize the damage.

Cyber protection services will also teach you to back up your most sensitive data so the effect will not be as severe as when you experience a ransomware attack. A backup and recovery strategy allows you to reconstitute data quickly. You will also be able to set up even more robust defenses because you can quickly identify what went wrong.

7. They make you compliant with data privacy regulations 

One great thing about having cyber protection services is the fact that they keep you compliant with regulations. That is because as you set up data safeguards, you automatically meet the requirements that have been mandated by such regulatory bodies as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union.

Third-party providers inform you whether your systems are up to standard, and they help you level up if you have fallen behind.

Your cyber protection services start with us

Considering the heavy investment required and the scarcity of technical talent available, many companies have realized the practicality of outsourcing cyber protection services.

Not only do you save on training expenses if you were to have your own IT staff, but you are also assured of a team of experts always on hand to help you.

For as long as you value cybersecurity protection, your chosen team will keep you sleeping soundly at night, knowing you are in safe hands.

Talk to a CyberHAWKS expert. We would love to tell you how you can have optimum cybersecurity protection at a flat-rate fee.

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