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7 Little Changes to Your IT Services That Make a Big Difference

Published on June 8, 2021

These days, IT services have become indispensable to be competitive in business.

It would be best to have computers for data processing, customer relationship management (CRM) software to track leads, and communication apps such as Skype and Zoom to facilitate real-time collaboration among team members.

Maintaining your IT services and tools with timely troubleshooting and repair can be costly even with a small IT department. How can your small business cope?

The key to growth: improve your IT services

Managed IT services have become a practical solution to adapt and respond to today’s digital marketplace demands at much-reduced costs.

They allow you to leverage top-level technical expertise and proactive support while freeing your staff to concentrate on your business’s more strategic concerns.

This article examines seven changes that you can bring to your business through technology to improve its efficiency, ensure your peace of mind, and improve profitability.

1. Outsource your IT services

Hiring a third-party provider to handle a reliable IT solutions network makes a big difference in your daily business operation’s efficiency.

It provides round-the-clock monitoring of your computer system and has help desk services 24/7 to respond to your call for assistance whenever your IT assets experience problems.   

Managed IT services keep your company compliant with national and international privacy and security regulations. It minimizes work duplication while removing bottlenecks to maximize productivity across your company’s different departments. 

2. Adopt mobile computing devices, VoIP software, and cloud-based systems to enhance communication.

Mobile computing devices such as VoIP technology allow your team to work from remote locations and collaborate instantly. They can react quickly, make the necessary changes, or make informed decisions according to urgent market demands.

3. Use cloud computing for storing company data.

Cloud computing takes the load off your company servers, so you spend less time and money on their maintenance. You also reduce your business IT and management expenses because cloud plans only charge for the data you use.

Taking the load off your on-premise assets reduces dependence on computerized storage and avoids frequent server crashes. What’s more, cloud storage enhances data safety because your company can limit access to certain people in your organization.

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4. Use IT systems to reduce operational costs.

Digital communications, such as VoIP software, reduce travel expenses. Cloud storage, on the other hand, saves money that you would otherwise spend on warehousing and on-premise server maintenance.

5. Leverage the Internet for your business activity.

The Internet is an excellent venue to increase your business’s visibility and tap into a global market. It gives you the option to perform vital business functions online, thus opening work-from-home opportunities for your staff and eliminating office rental expenses.

The use of the Internet also allows instant information sharing, leading to faster and more informed business decisions.

6. Tap social media platforms.

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are relatively inexpensive marketing channels that allow you to reach your targets instantaneously. 

Social media allows you to gauge consumer pulse and quickly align your marketing efforts to respond to trends and create a following. Media schedulers will help you plan your content in advance and post them automatically for optimum engagement.

7. Use information management to enhance the safety of sensitive business data.

Information management is made possible through cybersecurity where confidential data such as financial records can be easily stored, preserved, and maintained with enough security safeguards. They are also easily backed up for easy retrieval when compromised by cyberattacks like ransomware.

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Get even better IT services with CyberHAWKS

The traditional way of doing business is no longer sufficient to respond to the marketplace demands that continue to evolve with digital technology. Companies have no choice but to adapt to make themselves more competitive. 

Managed IT services can help businesses like yours leverage specialized skill sets at low start-up costs and predictable monthly payments.

Talk to a CyberHAWKS expert about how your business can benefit from the latest technology while reducing your IT expenses.

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